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CS Solutions is a family business that I started in 2019. However, long before officially starting up our business I was performing various IT services for local businesses and families.

I graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology in 2016 with a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology with a specialization in Computer Networks and a minor is Business Administration.

After College I entered the workforce as a Data Engineer working for a global web development company. After working in the IT field for years, I transitioned to become a computer science teacher at Juniata High School. Along with teaching I also coach Football and Wrestling.

I continue to offer services to local businesses and residents because it is what I enjoy to do. I offer a wide range of services that you can find below.


Security Systems

Turned-on Macbook Pro

Computer Services

Information Technology Computer Network, Telecommunication Ethernet Cables Connected to Switch.

Network Services

Silver Imac Displaying Collage Photos

Web Design

PA / Public Address system speakers

Sound & Alarm Systems

IT Service

General Consulting

VOIP Account Services


Use the link below to access your VOIP ​account information. All ingoing and ​outgoing calls, voicemails, charges, ​payments, and other account related ​informaiton can be viewed there. If you ​have any question please reach out!

VOIP Services

Whatever your need, we can solve IT.

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